The Truth in the Cliche

“So, Kaylie, where are you going to college?”

Well you see…

The thing is…

I’m not.

Immediately, faces change. No college? A smart, average American isn’t going to college?


Then what are you going to do?

I’m going to live in Honduras.

Aren’t you a little too young?


Usually, when I have this conversation this reaction usually comes from adults. However, I’ve also gotten a few reactions like this from fellow young people. And I get why I get the reaction. I’m only 17, I’m on the honor roll, and I could probably get into a decently nice college. But yet, college might not be in the master plan of my life. Maybe in a year or two or a few, but God isn’t showing college on my radar right now. For some, this majorly freaks them out. For those people, there’s one thing you need to understand:

I know where I’m supposed to be.
I know where I’ve been called.
And it’s not here.
And it’s not college.

I think there’s something wrong with society. With college. Everyone is so obsessed with the best school, the best education, the best job, that they forget their calling. Everyone seems to have the same idea, and the same plan.

  1. Go to school
  2. Get a job
  3. Start a family
  4. Missions

But you want to know a secret? Once you get in school, you won’t drop out. Once you get a safe job, you won’t quit and you won’t get large amounts of time off. And finally, once you start a family, there is little to no chance of leaving. Missions won’t come afterwards.

What people don’t seem to realize is that being young and being heavily involved in missions isn’t:

  1. Bad
  2. Dangerous
  3. Irrational
  4. Ignorant

Being young is the exact opposite, actually. Being young is perfect for missions. When you’re young, you aren’t tied down. You have ten times the opportunities of any older person. And generally, the younger you are, the more passionate you are. Our generation needs to work on not focusing on the better school, the better job, the expanding family; but focus on the calling. If God has called you to go to the great school, get the great job, and start the fam, then go ahead! Do it! But if you feel the call for something else, but also feel the pressure of schooling, let it go. Do your calling first. Our society’s priorities need to change.

I was one that believed that “too young” was a thing. I didn’t even want to go on my first missions’ trip. In fact, I had to be pressured into it. Even after a few missions trips, when I had developed a deep love and passion for missions in Honduras, I still felt I was “too young” and that I needed to do all these other things before I could really be a missionary. But then I had this exact conversation – with the exact same argument – with my friend, and leader at the time, Jenny. She pretty much convinced me not only that I could go live in Honduras next year, but that I should.

This may seem all too cliche, like some kind of quote you’d find on some teenager girl’s profile picture description, but it’s the plain, bare, truth.

You Are Never Too Young.

In fact, “Young” is the perfect age.



4 thoughts on “The Truth in the Cliche

  1. I agree. I will be 17 near the end of the year, and I feel called to the field. Mostly as a photojournalist, and many are saying that I’m too young and its too dangerous.
    Your post has inspired me, that I’m not the only one out there, that is trying not to let their age get in the way of what the Father is showing them. Sometimes you feel like the only one, and it can get you a bit down, wondering if you’re the only one that feels this way.
    Thanks for your post.

    I’m reminded of a verse in 1 Timothy
    Let no one despise your youth, but be an example of the believers, in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity. (4:12)

  2. Jesus encountered the same thing! “They tried to keep him from leaving but He said, ‘I must preach the good news of the Kingdom God to the other towns also, because that is why I was sent.’” Luke 5: 42-43 NIV God bless you on your mission journey!

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