Missing Link

I know that it’s been forever since my last blog post, and I’m guessing most of you are waiting for some kind of uplifting “I live in Honduras now” post with pictures of my house, room, and lifestyle, but I really don’t feel like blogging about that. So, here’s my very short update:

My house is pretty with a hammock in the front of it, and I live with two awesome roommates who work with government orphanages and street kids. They like snacks and we like to eat snacks together sometimes.

So now that you have that, let move on to something I really want to blog about: my Chicago friends and how they relate to Honduras. Recently I’ve made some amazing friends from the Chicago suburbs. They have some of the most heart-breaking, life-changing stories I’ve ever heard. I bonded with them more than I’ve ever bonded with any of my friends. I can’t describe how lucky and grateful I am to have had them in my life.

The reason I’m mentioning my friends is because they’ve convinced me that there’s a missing link between my friends and the kids of Honduras. No, I don’t mean the ocean.

You see, my friends and their stories are like mirror images to some of the stories of the kids I’ve met in Honduras. I can’t count how many times I’ve wanted to be able to inspire these kids by relating to their stories but haven’t been able to because I can’t relate. However, my friends could do that.

My friends and these kids share an incredible bond that neither of them are even aware of.

Take my friend Marissa* for example. Marissa was sexually abused as a child and also raped. But here she stands today, overcoming that terrible time in her life and able to talk freely about it in hopes to inspire others. Now just think about how much Marissa could inspire the girls at Casitas, a public orphanage for teenage girls (most of them having been sexually abused or pregnant at some point in their life). Or how she could inspire the girls at Proniña (another home made up of sexually abused girls).

Marissa’s extreme inspiration doesn’t even stop there. Marissa also is a recovering addict. Marissa’s been addicted to a bunch of different drugs for most of High School. She’s been to rehab and relapsed. She stills struggles with her addiction today but is finding help and aspires to recover again. She dreams of going into the army one day and saving lives. Now, picture Marissa talking to the boys at Catrachos Al Cambio, a detox/rehab center in San Pedro Sula. Or, picture Marissa in San Pedro talking to the boys currently living on the streets and struggling with addiction. Just think of how much she could inspire them, how huge of a difference she could make in their lives!

Now I hope you’re starting to see what I mean about this whole “missing link” thing. If there were someway/someone to connect the two, it’d be more magical than Disney World.

Marissa isn’t just some kind of rare human being either, there were many more friends with similarly inspirational stories like her that I met back in Chicago. There was Faith*, a girl who constantly had to go looking for her father who was a suicidal alcoholic. He’d get kicked out of the places he lived in and she would find him a new home. He’d lock himself inside of his apartment and drink until he was nearly dead. Each time she would find him, forgive him, get him help, and love him again. Imagine what she could do with so many kids that share the experience of an alcoholic father. Imagine how many families she could bring back together. And alongside Faith there’s literally too many more friends to mention with inspirational stories. Listing all of them off would probably take the next three months if I didn’t sleep, eat, or do anything but blog.

So, surely now you see my point. There’s a missing link between the inspirational youth living in America and the broken youth of Honduras. Since I’m really just a newbie trying to survive in Honduras, I don’t really know how much I can do except offer to have them come visit me sometime.

But, this is what I hope to one day do with my life. I want to have my own non-for-profit that reaches out to the youth of America struggling with hurt pasts and addictions, and connect them with the youth here. It’d be like one big, happy family. They’d mutually inspire and help each other. I believe the only way to mend a broken heart is by making it whole. Two broken hearts sharing a bond has to make a whole, right? I want to be that big human band-aid that brings the two together. And no, I don’t care how cheesy that sounds.

So for now, there’s a missing link. But my hope is that there won’t be one much sooner. Watch out world, N2YHonduras is coming at you soon.

*names have been changed


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