What $50 Can Do On the Mission Field

Missionaries and Non-profits are almost always in a state of constant fundraising. As soon as we start to get comfortable with the needs we’re fulfilling, a new problem arises. My good friend once stated this the best I’ve ever heard it: “[The mission field] is a place where serving others is like drinking water; you have no other option.” I touched on this subject a bit in one of my last blog posts – but now I’d like to elaborate exactly why fundraising is so important, and what even the smallest funds can do on the mission field.

So, without further ado, here’s what your $50 donation can do, solely based on things I and other ROOM missionaries have actually done with $50 on the mission field. Your $50 can:

  1. Supply fruits and veggies of an entire family of 10 (Hogar Santidad) for a month
  2. Supply gas for trips to Peña Blanca for either Johana (who goes there for Brigitte’s doctors appointments and to buy her medicine) and Wendy (who goes there for Deysi’s doctor visits)
  3. Buy diapers for two babies in the transition home for a month
  4. Pay for a hospital visit and medicine for a sick baby in the transition home
  5. Pay almost entirely for a month of electricity for a missionary family
  6. Feed entire community’s dinner for an evening
  7. One full month of cancer treatment at the cancer foundation in the public hospital of San Pedro
  8. Supply diapers, wipes, and formula for the special needs kids at Senderos for one week
  9. Buy 25 bibles for children in ROOM: India’s daycare program
  10. Pay a generous salary for a part-time staff at Bethel Daycare Center for one month (India)
  11. Supply check-ups and medicine for Bethel Children’s Home for one month (India)
  12. Supply fruit twice a week for a month for 70 children (India)
  13. Supply educational supplies for an entire school year for 5 children (India)
  14. Pay one of the Tia’s at Senderos an entire day’s wage
  15. Pay for formula for a baby in the transition home for two weeks.

And many more! 

Right now you have an amazing opportunity to put that $50 (or however much you are willing to give) to use! ROOM is having its annual ROOM 2 Come and See matching gift fundraiser. Every dollar donation is being matched up to $50,000. There is no worse feeling than seeing need and having no way to aid it. Please consider equipping our team down here in Honduras and out in India to do the best job we can.


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